Internet Honey has Outgrown the Hive - and You’re Going to be Impressed


Since 2006, when R. A. Burrell founded Internet Honey to focus on providing a range of marketing services, our group has grown, our mission has transformed, and our focus has evolved. By 2009, that focus was tightened on the measurement of consumer tourism marketing performance. We created the Tourism Engine that year, to help attractions and destinations identify and take full advantage of highly relevant and specific industry data.


    As of April, 2014, we’ve evolved into Tourism Intelligence Group, and so has our mission. Our goal now is to help destinations and attractions reach their strongest growth potentials, using all the industry data in which we delight, the tools we’ve created and the context we constantly help translate into positive opportunities.


We’ve Moved On, and Want You to Join Us


    We’re now fully grown - delightful, passionate, data driven tourism marketing professionals. Our group is dedicated to identifying and providing insightful, relevant and unique guidance, and helping you develop and maintain opportunities that bring results. Our approach relies on best practices, benchmarks and focused, relevant industry data. Our industry experience, mindful context and delight in the aggregation and interpretation of data provides actionable feedback, uncovers specifically relevant and unique opportunities, and suggests simple, powerful courses of action.


    We want you to join us in an enlightened collaboration, applying best practices to evolve your tourism marketing strategies with the best, most specific and relevant data.


But Our Personality Hasn’t Changed.


Working with the new Tourism Intelligence Group will elevate your game, as we share our experience, industry insights, benchmarks and best practices. As we always have, we believe in relationships that are completely transparent. We still share everything with you, in an easy, delightful atmosphere - and we’re still committed to your growth as a highlight destination or attraction.


    We identify your needs - from simple analysis showing where you currently exist in the tourism marketing landscape, to complete marketing and content strategy packages designed specifically to provide consistently evolving results. Overall, our success will be reflected in our mutual delight, as we watch the process reveal itself, alongside the evolution of your business.


    Tourism Intelligence Group’s delight is contagious, and you’ll relish in the results we discover. Together, your marketing will evolve into an intelligent, data driven Tourism Engine, and we’ll join you in delighting in the lasting results.