Meet Team Honey

R. A. Burrell

As President of Internet Honey and fearless leader of the Hive, R. A. unites our team’s passions with our clients’ objectives. A seasoned vet of the travel and tourism industry, R. A. has worked with large brands such as American Airlines and Vail. His love of adventure travel trips gives him a unique perspective when determining what data is relevant to your marketing objectives, and, just as important, what isn’t.

Emma Inwood

As our lead Marketing Strategist, Emma knows how to bring your brand’s personality to life. Whether she’s working on a page, an ad, or an email, Emma makes sure your brand’s “Wow!” factor shines through and engages your customers through creative, compelling content. An avid photographer, Emma also handles the photo shoots for our clients, from initial concept to final frame.

Monica Boeger

As our Creative Director, Monica is the heart and soul of the Hive. Not only does she help build the character of our team, she helps build your brand’s story across multiple platforms. Monica gets a case of the “creative crazies” at least once a day, which is just one of the many reasons her teammates—and our clients—love her.


Jason Herzog

As our Chief Technology Officer, Jason integrates systems to build a better, more intelligent experience for your customers across multiple platforms, which is more important than ever before. Over his career, Jason has delivered solutions for projects from teeny tiny to enterprise level. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Jason heads up our west coast Hive.

Bobby Dudek

As our Web Developer, Bobby’s job is to make your brand look its best. That includes the way your site looks as well as how it operates. Bobby’s fluent in a variety of programming languages, so your site will do exactly what you need it to do. He’s also responsible for maintaining the systems that process your leads.

Amanda Blough

As our Social Media Strategist, Amanda is responsible for executing your campaign. When she’s not placing and monitoring your social ads (and moving them when they’re not performing up to her lofty expectations), she’s flying about from Hive to Hive and pretty much everywhere in between.

Kate Collins

As our Content Creator, Kate helps share your brand’s story with the world. Kate relies on her experience as a director of destination marketing and over a decade of crafting online content to shape your brand’s distinct voice. She also has a very distinct voice of her own, which gets her a lot of commercial voiceover work.