Our Tourism Work

With 20 years of experience, we know Tourism from top to bottom. Lots of people have experience in Tourism. Ours is different. We’ve been fortunate to get the important work, the fun work and the projects that reveals what works. The best way to know how we deliver that knowledge is to hear it. See how our expertise fits the specific challenges you face.

For Destinations:

States. Regions. Cities. Working up and down the chain helped us understand the critical role of each and how to apply their resources to bring tourists. But, what you really want to know is how can we help your Destination?

Several ways, actually.

Destination Planning

Aligning your brand, product and marketing resources is the first and most important topic for Destination Management Organizations. TIG gives you Context and Best Practices. Painting the competitive landscape so that you can map the correct path may be the most valuable thing we do. It’s just part of the collaborative conversation we have every time we talk. We have a long list of examples where we’ve guided clients to new markets, raised dusty assets and organized their team to adopt better methods. If most of your data and input comes from Ad Rep.s and people calling themselves “Partners”, then consider listening to a voice invested in your success.

Destination Marketing Services:

Destination Marketing Software: CRM & CMS

Tourism Engine™ is CRM software used by many DMOs, CVBs and sophisticated groups to manage their Leads, Inquiries, Fulfillment and Marketing Automation. 

Website Design & Development

Ditch proprietary systems. We build websites on industry standard, open technologies like WordPress. We ensure your website is easy to use, and your audience finds it easy to navigate. Because we build on these industry standards, you’re free to move forward, unfettered by expensive & complex systems. Not only do we build, we reconstruct, which is why so many of our clients bring their websites to us for maintenance.

Content & Product Planning

While many see Content Marketing as a new approach to traditional marketing, we’ve been marketing content for some time. Every Destination we work with has wonderful reasons to visit. Our role is to structure your product, develop the content and translate it into website traffic. See how this plays out in this Content Marketing Case Study.


To rank in the top search results you must optimize your content and inbound links. This is tricky and tedious, but lucky for you, we’re experts when it comes to Keywords and SEO. Because we’ve built a database with 4,000 keywords, we’ve been able to track which keywords convert and which keywords bring visitors (look vs. book). Our work with Resorts and Attractions has taught us which Keywords surface in your Industry Partners’ conversions. Ask us explain to the difference between Cabins and Condos in search results.

Social Media

Not only are we social, we’re social media savvy. Maybe it’s because we spend a lot of time connecting with colleagues and friends on social channels. More likely, it’s because we’ve spent years engaging with, and observing behaviors of our clients’ fans, followers and competitors. Thus, leading us to Best Practices for building campaigns, managing pages, creating content, and attracting new audiences.

Email Marketing

Hush the naysayers, Email marketing is far from dead. While the practice has been abused by spammers and the like, TIG is tactful in its approach. Simply put, Email Marketing is an efficient way to deliver engaging content to the right audience.

Data Analysis & Measurement

Being data-driven – being absolutely wild about data – helps when it comes to measuring your performance. Our proven ability to translate the numbers into relevant, actionable feedback sets us apart. Your data, Industry data and Benchmarks add up to a rich competitive landscape. Let us show you what that looks like.

Media Planning & Tracking

Before you start breaking down your budget for digital and print, have you viewed it from every angle to ensure you’re maximizing it? Let’s start there. Once we dial in the budget, we can help align the right message, vehicle and audience. Here are some of the things we consider for each media buy:

  • Will this reach your Target Audience?
  • Is the Timing correct?
  • What Behavior will it Convert?
  • Do we have the right Content?
  • Is it Cost Effective?
  • Has this Ad produced before?
  • Are there intangibles? SEO? Links?

Leads: Let Us Automate That For You

We’re processing 1,000s of Lead daily. And since you’ve got better things to do with your time than manually process them one at a time, let us do it. We use Destination CRM software that will automate your leads while following Best Practices.

What We Give You, Beyond Just Travelers

The intangibles of working with TIG:

  • Accountability – Proving your budget and resources are best spent
  • Best Practices – Sharing everything we’ve learned with your team
  • Context – Don’t think you’re better. Know you are.
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing your objective

Resorts & Attractions

Want to be a well-oiled machine that responds gracefully to customer and market demands? You need two things: TIG and an open mind. Frequently Resorts & Attractions are stymied by niche vendors that specialize in a technology. Or agencies that can’t carry the ad content to a conversion. TIG is vertically integrated to carry the customer from the spark of Inspiration through to a Conversion. Our belief is that until we drive conversions, none of the other efforts matter. The process we’ve developed is called Think. Execute. Measure.™ and it’s developed to optimize your business’s resources. Now that you know a little about us, here are things we’re currently delivering for clients who said ‘Yes! I want to market intelligently.’

Product & Content Development

How does your product fit into the competitive landscape so that people foam at the mouth? Are you aligned with regional partners and the State marketing efforts? TIG has been building brands and honing products for years. And being the voice of reason to clients is why they turn to us. You show a picture of a kid in a helmet to show your consideration for the child’s safety. But Mom thinks ‘why do they need a helmet?’. Now she’s scared. Wrong emotion. Whether you need to create awareness for your sport or capture more market share from a popular sport, TIG can provide data driven context to ground your decisions.


Consider how much travel starts on a phone (31% almost 1/3 and growing). Then, add how many times people in market use their phone. It’s crazy big. So, if you can’t grab them and convert them on the phone, you’re missing them. Optimizing the experience for a phone often means complicated integrations shoehorning what the customer wants into a nasty reservations interface. Do you still believe Reservations have to work a certain way? We do. But it’s not because a propellor head said so. It’s because the customer said so. And to clarify, they’re not a customer until they convert. They’re a prospect. So, this theme for mobile is critical. And TIG can engage and convert your customers on mobile. Let us show you.

Website Development & CRM

The web is your primary customer interface so it only makes sense to have your CRM live there. We use industry standards for development on open platforms. What’s that mean? Your business flexes to meet the customer wherever they want. And you’re not forced into building on some esoteric platform married to a vendor’s retirement plan. It’s hard to know which platform is best when it’s not your job. Ford versus Chevy. Don’t take our word for it. Talk to our clients about what we’ve given them. 


We use Analytics to produce insights and connect marketing efforts to results. It’s called Actionable Feedback. Without it, making good decisions is impossible. Let us help you set up tracking so your marketing efforts are yoked to results. If you’re not sure what that looks like, let us show you. We have many, many instances where we’ve given this infrastructure to clients. And for several we’ve elevated their team to internalize those practices and become self-sufficient. 

Website Design & Development That’s Open

Ditch proprietary systems. We give websites built on WordPress that have Destination Marketing software and CRM built in. It’s super easy to use and handles you communication through MailChimp. Because we build on these industry standards your free to move forward unfettered by expensive & complex systems. But the biggest testimony is that many clients bring their websites to us for maintenance.


It helps to know which keywords actually convert. Which keywords bring visitors that spend money. We have that. Our work with Resorts and Attractions has taught us which Keywords wind up in your Industry Partners’ conversions. Let us explain to you the difference between Cabins and Condos in Search.

  • Keyword Activity database for 4,000 keywords
  • Conversions by Keyword before Google stripped out keywords

Email Marketing

Far from dead, Email marketing has been abused. Shame. For TIG clients Email Marketing is a beautifully efficient way to get engaging content to the right audience.

Data Analysis & Measurement

Being data-driven – being absolutely wild about data – helps when it comes to measuring your performance. Our proven ability to translate the numbers into relevant, actionable feedback sets us apart. Your data, Industry data and Benchmarks add up to a rich competitive landscape. Can we show what that looks like?

Media Planning & Tracking

Before you ever start breaking the budget down into digital and print. Are you sure you’ve got the right allocation to advertising? Let’s start with that. Once that’s dialed in we can help align the right message in the right vehicle to the right audience.